Quick Guide for ExplorerMax
This page demonstrates how to use the file manager program ExplorerMax step by step. Though it is easy as abc
to get started, you may get more tricks after reading this guide.
  • Introduction
  • Install and Register
  • FAQ
  • File Search
  • Add Bookmarks
  • Dual Pane
  • Batch Rename
  • Archive/Extract
  • Timeline
  • PhotoMax
  • Light / Dark Mode
  • Customize Settings
  • Uninstall / Remove

Product Introduction

Windows Explorer (File Explorer) for Windows has been doing a decent job since the tree view is designed. ExplorerMax is a complete and smarter alternative that brings badly-needed features that Windows Explorer does not provide. It offers all of the standard features that you expect from default Windows Explorer. Plus, it brings you with the following features:

1. Tabbed browsing. In default Windows explorer, if you opened too many folders at the same time, it would be very annoying to choose a specified folder because they all suspend near the task bar. With tabbed browsing feature, just as tabbed browser like Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox, you can access all the folders from one pane.

2. Batch file-renaming. When you have to rename a lot of files in a folder, it would be tedious to rename them one by one. ExplorerMax allows you to rename all the files at one time.

3. Quick file search with grouped results. If you search a keyword, it may return with many results. If all the results are listed in one place, it may be hard to find the one that you want. If the results are listed by catogories such as pictures, audios, documents, etc. it would be easier to find the wanted file.

4. Bookmark your favorite folders. There must be some folders that you need to use very frequently. In this case, it would be great to bookmark the frequently used folders for quick access.

5. Adaptive to system display scaling. If you want to change the size of the text and other items, you need to change your display scaling to 125%, or 150%. In this case, ExplorerMax would fit the size automatically for best view experience.

6. Archive/Extract files with one-click. ExplorerMax supports the file extraction from various formats. Also, you can add your files to archives (zip/7z).

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