Tips: How to Improve Productivity in Your Daily Work

Have you ever feel dizzy when you have to delay the plan set before? Do you always get anxious about facing future goals? Are you told to be more efficient by your picky boss? Now, Staying at Home Order makes everything even more difficult. Please don't panic. Maybe it's time to learn some tips to work more productively. Today, we are going to share several task-based tricks.

Preparations - Build a Tidy Working Environment

As the saying goes, do the right thing in the right place. For the right place, you need to have a tidy room with necessary stuff to meet your basic needs. For the right thing, it means that in this space, you'd better do things only related to work instead of entertainments. As a result, a positive hint of concentrating on work will be delivered soon whenever you enter here.

* Some people even use the same strategy to solve insomnia.

tidy working environment

Now we're supposed to focus on tasks divided into three groups. Different groups require different treatments.

For Completed Tasks

Completed Tasks are finished but still useful. Treating them properly can leave you hints to tackle the same challenge. So, having a detailed review would be a good idea. And it shall include five parts -- plans, reactions, results, reasons, and inspirations. Through the review, you can reassess your gain and loss in each stage, figure out what to keep or drop, then summarize a practical way to deal with the task. Indeed, a review may take a long while. However, when faced with the same problem next time, you'll be much faster with organized thoughts and experience.

time to review your project

For On-going Tasks

In most cases, the hardest part of an on-going task is sorting out your ideas and realize them. To get it done, you'll need to classify all your files and folders into certain groups first and gather all the valuable information to generate a plan then. How to be efficient in this part?

To begin with, a to-do list in paper or app is a must. That can guide you to make the right efforts in time according to its important level and urgent level. What's more, allow the software to finish duplicate works and save your time.


Here, we recommend a combination of DropIt and ExplorerMax. They are great productivity software for Windows. The former one helps you organize files automatically via personalized associations. Once you set the rules for different folders, you can drop massive stuff into the entrance and see them sorted in a second. The later one supports your customized file search smoothly. With ExplorerMax, you can also enjoy a tabbed file browsing and one-click file management. (You can press it to download ExplorerMax )

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For Future Tasks

As for the tasks yet to come, multiple works shall start in advance.

Firstly, take your industry news feed seriously and develop your own knowledge base. Those who just go through information are unable to get the key. But If you go several steps earlier and deeper, you can predict the trend and gain some inspirations. For instance, a smart designer will gather various nice works through Behance or other sites, label and analyze them, then update his material lab every day. This habit can provide him sustainable new ideas and thoughts for a new task.

designer's site - behance

Next, practicing your basic skills is a direct way to increase your productivity. Enough time to devote, enough things to gain. It's the simplest rule but easy to forget. Covid-19 is threatening but learning is still vital to fight against pressure.

Last but not least, exercise more and keep healthy. You can never expect a tired person to stay focus.

Now, you've learned several tips to become productively. Feel free to share your experience or tips below. We hope to hear from you.

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